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Glass sculpture is my newest medium.

The kiln-cast works are first created in clay or wax.
I then create a plaster/silica mold of this image,
take out the clay or wax and fill the mold with crushed glass.
The glass becomes a solid sculpture in the kiln.
Other works consist of many layers of glass fused together
at a lower temperature, which provides a painterly effect
as the colors react to each other.

Then there are works which use plate glass which is ground, drilled and
sand-blasted, then combined with non-traditional media from nature or
my workshop. Each piece opens itself up to adornments with colored
pencil, paint, metals, etc. as I create 3-D paintings.

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(on loan from the collection of Brian Daggert and Franz K.....)

I have vivid memories of my grandfather who had heavy wooden cases of seltzer delivered to his house each week. The bottles were small machines that distributed this magical fizzy water. I was captivated by this as a young child. After inheriting some of these bottles, I realized that they were like weapons shooting out their ammunition. As a sailor, I have also been fascinated by the mechanisms of portholes and their ability to keep the boat water-tight and safe. After discovering this porthole with it's aged patina in a junk store, I put these two ideas together to create this sculpture. A visit to Israel convinced me that all of the wars in the world are about water. Each of these "people" is aimed at the other, and calling the water below them their own. If you look below the surface, they are drawing from the same well.

Media: Seltzer bottles, cast, flameworked and sheet and stained glass, found porthole, brass pull-chain, plumber's putty, caulk, water, sand
Item: #647

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Earth Wind Fire

Size: 40"l x 12"w x 7"d
Media: cast (wishbone and hand) and flameworked (body, beads, flame) glass, sheet and stained glass, guitar, sea shells, sea urchins, metal findings
Item: #648, Price Upon Request

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Size: 20"h x 18"d x 17"w
Media: flameworked vessel, eye and flowers, cast wax hands, sheet glass, toy truck, piano keys, vintage toaster, seed pods, moss, brass findings, found objects
Item: #649, NFS

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Seeking Eternity

The wizard of Oz is one of my favorite movies. I vividly remember that moment when Dorothy opens the door of her home and sees colorful Oz for the first time. It still takes my breath away to see the transition from a black and white world to that of vivid color. Here a mysterious eye beckons the viewer to peek inside into another private land; to travel down a mysterious and unknown path.
Follow the yellow brick road as we go on another episode
Journey with me as I take you through this nifty little place
I once used to call home sweet home

Media: fused glass, mirror, found boxes, piano hinges, acrylics, found object (handle)
Item: #650, Price Upon Request

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Size: 35 l x 16.5 w x 16.5 h"
Media: black walnut base
Item: #651, Price Upon Request

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Insight (Hazak) Chair

My sculptures are often inspired by the materials living in my studio. I create glass "parts" and combine them with materials I have collected that are broken or have lost their purpose. I analyze their combinations and options until I realize a sculpture with meaning. Often my subconscious guides me as was the case with this piece. The stillness of the chair serves as the stable armature supporting the heart and mind. The clock with no hands evokes a timelessness. The piece evokes a mediation of stillness.

Media: flameworked glass eye, artist-fused glass, sheet glass, watch parts, brass chain
Item: #652, SOLD

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Alternative Views

Item: #653, Price Upon Request

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Size: 43"h x 19"w x 12"d
Media: flameworked hands, guitar, seamstress tissue, sheet glass, mirror, vintage child's sewing machine, vintage wool shuttle, nest, bee hive, seeds, bundt pan, brass pins, watch-works, ruler, metal findings
Item: #654, Price Upon Request

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Size: 49"h x 21"w x 20"d
Media: flameworked eyes and white points on gear, cello, stained glass, mirror, piano keys, hand drill gear, grout
Item: #655, Price Upon Request

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