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Jewish Exponent

Paula Mandel Turns Discarded Items into Art
"I love things people don't have a purpose for anymore... I can use them in my art."
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Paula Mandel: Interactive Artifacts
"Intertwining glass with fabric, wood, and a cast array of found objects, Paula Mandel’s mixed media sculptures take shape as physical emblems of the subconscious world."
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Stained Glass Association of America

Teaching Creativity One Cut of Glass at a Time
"It's just giving them the confidence to know that they can do this," Mandel said. "Many haven't had any art experience but we tell them to do whatever they want. There's no wrong way to do it. It's up to them. Nobody is going to yell at them. Nobody is going to tell them they can't do it."
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Glass Art Society

"My themes tend to derive from personal experiences with the hope that they become universal connectors."
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Philadelphila Inquirer

Family and womanhood reflected in artist’s work
"Paula Mandel's work is very interesting because it shows the evolutionary process of a woman with a family. She sorts out roles and relationships that represent the different stages that a woman goes through."
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Abington Friends School

Portraits Real and Imagined
"As a psychologist, Paula Mandel had to study relationships and feelings and provide insights into them."
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Philadelphila Inquirer

From brave women, magic, beauty in glass
"works that provide some of the shows best moments are the pleasing wildness of Paula Mandel's several mixed-media extravaganzas using found objects."

Best of American Glass Artists & Artisans

Invitational publication
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City Paper

"Though she executes flowers, massed and individually, with particular facility, her work is human-centered."

Product Management TODAY

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The Colonial

Conshy woman readies for show
"Each subtle detail of Paula Mandel’s work seems to harbor a hidden meaning- even though the artist is not always consciously aware of the symbolic features that emerge as she paints."

Mercer Street

The Practice of Painting Pears
"In her series Cosmic Interactions Mandel sets forth on a journey to explore varied human relationships using the allegorical and symbolic imagery of fruit as a medium for that investigation."
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City Paper

Plant Life
" Painter Paula Mandel depicts humans in relation to each other and to nature."
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The Ambler Gazette

Diversions: Artist Unites Her Two Worlds
" Paula Mandel’s worlds are about to come together. As a professional artist, a trained psychologist, a woman, a wife and a mother of two teenagers, this Whitemarsh resident feels that she is continually switching hats.