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Whimsical images often begin as a monoprint. As I add Prismacolor, I create a humorous, soft, decorative energetic surface.
Dancing Couple in Purple Haze

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<div class='title'>Dancing Couple in Purple Haze</div><br><br><br>
Blue Girl on a Boy

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<div class='title'>Blue Girl on a Boy</div><br><br><br>
Girl on a Blue Boy

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<div class='title'>Girl on a Blue Boy</div><br><br><br>
Girl Seated in a Garden

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<div class='title'>Girl Seated in a Garden</div><br><br><br>
Red Hair Singer

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<div class='title'>Red Hair Singer</div><br><br><br>SOLD
Singing Red Haired Girl

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<div class='title'>Singing Red Haired Girl</div><br><br><br>
Whispy Woman

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<div class='title'>Whispy Woman</div><br><br><br>
Blue Girl on a Sewing Card

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<div class='title'>Blue Girl on a Sewing Card</div><br><br><br>
Couple Backed by Red

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<div class='title'>Couple Backed by Red</div><br><br><br>SOLD
Dancing on Blue

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<div class='title'>Dancing on Blue</div><br><br><br>
Sewing Card Purple Dress and Flowers

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<div class='title'>Sewing Card Purple Dress and Flowers</div><br><br><br>
Work 1

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<div class='title'>Work 1 </div><br><br><br>
Fish on the Line

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<div class='title'>Fish on the Line</div><br><br><br>
Slight of Hand

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<div class='title'>Slight of Hand</div><br><br><br>
Inside Out

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<div class='title'>Inside Out</div><br><br><br>